Military Transition Teams Aid ISF Forces

Training Given To Iraqi Troops The overall training that has been issued to members of the Iraqi military has improved. The basic training regime has been revamped, and now all members of the Iraqi military are given the same type of basic training that most US Servicemembers receive, no matter which military service that one joins. Members of the Coalition Military Transition teams have been working to give additional training to members of the Iraqi Security Services. This type of specialized training is in the area of battle combat, and how to respond to special types of security threats. Now, before Iraqi Servicemembers enter into the field they have the opportunity to train in a variety of situations that previously they would not have been able to experience. This additional training enables them to be better prepared and able to deal with threats and criminal activity as it arises. The typical training consists of giving members of the Iraqi Security forces, and the Iraqi Army the chance to mount real life type training raids. The realism helps give the Servicemembers a chance to experience what such raids entail, and it gives them experience that is very valuable for their overall professionalism. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Now the coalition also has a practical opportunity to observe and offer constructive suggestions, and to assist in the successful training of the Iraqi Army candidates, as well as other raw recruits for the Iraqi Security Service.




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