Demobilization Support Directed Benefits

When you arrive at the demobilization area, you will receive a packet of information. Included with your packed will be a host of forms, including VA Forms, Points of Tricare Contact Forms, Benefits for Tricare Forms, a Entitlements and Medical Benefits form, and other forms. You will be seen by a health care professional at your demobilization area. They will assess your health as of that time, and help you complete various forms for your demobilization in regards to you medical health. Most of all this is to make sure that any changes or injuries, including dental, are noted. There are various ongoing medical benefits you may be eligible for. Service of Active Duty for more than 180 days makes a Service Member eligible for benefits under some programs, while service from 30 days to 179 days has other benefits attached. Knowledge is power. It is best to see your Unit medical professional for more information. Your Unit Medical team has information and forms that are available, and can help direct you where to go for more information. Many people look forward to returning home or to transfer to another duty site with joy and happiness, others with mixed emotions. But many times people involved in demobilization do not know what happens at the demobilization site. As a bare minimum, there are two important forms you must complete two forms while at the demobilization site. The Report of Medical Assessment, which is form DD 2697, and the Post Deployment Assessment form, dealing with your health at the time of demobilization, which is Form DD 2796. These are the absolute minimum forms; other forms mentioned earlier can be filled out too. Using this information will help the government determine if continuing medical conditions are line of duty related, and to document your overall health. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. This is not always a full medical Exam. You can refuse the REFRAD physical, if one is recommended, but it generally is not a good idea to do so. In fact, refusing to undergo the physical can severely limit or cancel any line of duty medical claim you may have. This can potentially put in jeopardy any continuing medical benefits you have coming. Included even is a form to allow active duty soldiers to request release from an active duty status.




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