Civilian Funding For Military Education

To apply for these types of scholarships and educational funding support, the applicant must qualify according to some conditions. The GPA of the applicant has to be at least a 2.5 GPA on a four point scale for their high school transcripts, or if in college already their college GPA also should be at least 2.5. These groups work cooperatively to assist Servicemembers in their educational efforts. ThanksUSA is a non-partisan non-profit patriotic support organization that works to motivate and mobilize civilians in the United States to show support and appreciation to Servicemembers by financial support and funding to a variety groups. Applications for the type of scholarships that the ThanksUSA organizations provide must be applying to attend school at a 4 year college or university, a 2 year community college or school, or an approved technical or vocational school. For purposes of the program any school, program or educational institution that is accredited for education and has credentials to teach from the accreditation group in their area are acceptable. In an effort to demonstrate the thanks of a grateful nation, the groups that operate under the ThanksUSA umbrella provide funding, scholarships and assistance to veterans wishing to go to school. All dependents on active duty, and dependent children aged 24 or younger of active duty Servicemembers are eligible for the military scholarship programs. Spouses of Servicemembers are also eligible to apply. For the purposes of these programs anyone who has served 180 days consecutively on active duty, as well as the Servicemember themselves or their survivor of anyone who has been injured or killed while on active duty military service. The scholarships that they offer Servicemembers, their dependents and military spouses serve to give support and financial assistance to personnel who wish to attend college, university or vocational technical school. This includes members and dependents from all five of the military services, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Marine Corps, and Army. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! There are many organizations that support the military in the United States, and some of these organizations proudly assist Servicemembers in getting an education. Some of these groups and organizations offer educational funds and scholarships for Servicemembers and military dependants to attend college.




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