Sons Of Iraq Assists With Transition

West Rashid Begins To Pay Iraqi Patriotic Group The members of the Sons of Iraqi in the province of Rashid have began to receive a paycheck now from the Government of Iraq, and they got their first actual paycheck from the Joint Security Station Jihad on the 10th of November, 2008. It is a crucial and interesting step, by keeping the members of the Sons of Iraq active and vested in the rebuilding it is a win win. It gives the young men a chance to earn a living wage, and it gives them the pride and self confidence to become leaders, members of the community which are working actively for positive change. One of the first steps when the US led Coalition first came to Iraq was to determine the best way to develop a kind of infrastructure that would allow the Government to help its own citizens become responsible for security, safety and to drive out Al Qaeda. The Sons of Iraq began in Baghdad, and slowly spread to different locations throughout Iraq. It developed from a casual civilian group to a highly patriotic group that began to function at checkpoints, and to serve alongside the ISF forces in the country. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Each of the cells or units of the Sons of Iraq have began to take different responsibilities in their region. The members of the Sol are now able to be identified by their thumbprint, which helps keep the members of the insurgency and Al Qaeda from infiltrating the group.




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