Enlistment Facts To US Military Service

Each person has a personal reason or motive for joining the military, and whatever their reason, their choice keeps our nations Armed Forces at a high state of military readiness. Each enlisted soldier, no matter what service starts out the same- by attending basic training. You have to follow orders, even ones you dislike- This is another area where many people insist that they have been told that it’s a democracy, and if they don’t like something, they can just choose not to do it, or if they don’t like orders, they can just say no. The saying exists that basic training will separate the boys from the men, and that the women will be separated from the girls. This saying is based partly because Basic training is designed to weed out those who can’t meet basic standards. Every year thousands of women and men choose to enlist in the United States Armed Forces. Their enlistment keeps the personnel on active duty turning over, always some going outbound on deployment, other returning from a tour overseas. You may be stationed possibly anyplace in the World- Some people say their recruiters promise them they will be stationed in their home town, or at the very least close by. While this could be possible, you will go where the service you are joining needs you. When you sign an enlistment contract, you are bound to follow orders, and do what you are told, for a period of enlistment up to six years. You will work 9-5 hours and never have to work overtime- Being in the military means you will work however, whenever, and in the manner that you are taught. Basic Training is Very hard Physically- Boot camp is designed to test people, including to test them physically. They will run you, march you, subject you to few hours of sleep, and do everything they can do to get you to quit. Because, if they can convince you to quit in the safety of boot camp, then you are not cut out for military life. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. Boot Camp is intentionally harsh- Many people seem shocked, and have some sort of idea that it will be a lark, a frolic in the park experience. It does not work that way. You can leave whenever you want- That’s one of the biggest misconceptions. Some people are just not cut out for military service as they say. But for those that make it, there are some things that may or may not be covered by what their recruiter has told them.




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