Navy Enlisted Business Operations Careers

It does not matter if you are stationed on shore, or on a submarine, destroyer, Aircraft Carrier, or other vessel, if you are serving in this career field it is your duty and job to make sure that the equipment needed by sailors and airmen are where they are needed, in good working order, and available. The work environment for a person working in the business management field can vary widely, from a single person with a lot of responsibility to a sixty-man team that operates a warehouse. You will start your Navy career as with all enlisted navy jobs, with basic training. Following basic you will be assigned to a Class a school to receive advanced individual training. You will be shown and demonstrated various skills and operating methods to use in performance of your duties. After you are given a duty station, you will be responsible for a specific business or management area. You may be responsible for a shore based PX type operation at a smaller facility or Navy site. Or you may be part of a larger team, either ashore or on a ship or sub at sea. No matter what the different duty station that you are assigned, the training and skills that you learned in Class a school will come into play. Basic marketing and retail training will be provided, both in the classroom and in hands on experiences. Following your advanced training you will be stationed at a Navy location somewhere around the world. You will have an opportunity to rise in rank and responsibility. As you continue along in your Navy career, you may have a chance to supervise a number of junior soldiers, and to be given additional supervisory responsibilities. In the United States Navy the planes do not leave their flight decks without key personnel doing their duty. Ships don’t leave port without their cargo, supplies and other parts. The sailors and personnel in the Business Management field make sure that everything is where its supposed to be, and that everyone is supplied properly for the Navy to perform its mission. Some of the duties you may encounter each day include: -Operate and use various pieces of office equipment, computers and cash registers. -Operate, manage, and service different inventories afloat, ashore, or beneath the waves. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. -Keep various fiscal records. -Use computers to maintain inventory, track and operate shipboard service and retail activities. -Receive, order, issue and track spare supplies, clothing and parts. -Prepare and ship inventory, and keep records and correspondence.




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