Strength Of Border Security Increases

Local Community Joins Coalition And ISF Forces The overall level of security at the borders of Iraq has increased to a greater extent. The border police Wasit Brigade has had a large level of success in securing and keeping the Iraqi Borders safe. More than 100 km of the border are maintained in different garrisons and forts, of which there are 20 different forts along the border. The amount of contraband, and illegal activity that is being found along the border has fallen, much of this due to the activity and positive patrols by the Wasit border unit. The coalition has assisted in training the different security and border guards and the trade and security of the border has been one of the bright spots in the overall Iraqi Security scene. Members of the Border Guards are one of the better trained ISF units in the nation, and their diligent service has led to a large number of different smuggling operations being turned back at the border. The effort to ship illegal or dangerous items into a country is an issue faced by nations around the world, but in Iraq the efforts of the border guard in the Wasit region have been successful, partly because of the quality of their training, and partly because of their due diligence. Get your Free career assessment here During a recent inspection tour by different high ranking coalition officers, the Wasit Border guard unit passed with flying colors.




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