Al Kut Operations Succeed At Camp Echo

There have been a number of different military operations recently that have been successful in the Camp Echo region. The area is located near the city of Al Kut, and it has been the site of a number of different successful military joint security operations. The recent military efforts have included close air support, and intensive patrols that have for the most part chase out the forces of Al Qaeda and insurgents. There have been a number of insurgent suspects captured, including several that have been on the Iraqi Most Wanted list. The joint forces of the coalition and the Iraqi Security forces have seized weapons, arrested terrorist suspects, and these insurgents have been handed over to the coalition for interrogation. Included in some of the seizures have been rocket propelled grenades, 122mm artillery shells and over 1,500 rounds of smaller types of ammunition. The soldiers involved have been working hard to conduct themselves with a lot of enthusiasm and professionalism, and it has been working. The future is in the hands of the Iraqi people, both in the issue of the Iraqi Security forces, and the choices that the Iraqi people are able to make. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Eventually the members of the coalition will withdraw, and the Iraqi Security forces have been slowly transitioning so that they are ready for that day.




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