Janabi Village Cleared And Weapons Found

Local Citizens Aid In Security Effort Recently soldiers from the Iraqi Security Forces and the Coalition worked together successfully to clear out the village of Janabi, to make sure that there were no members of Al Qaeda or terror insurgent suspects hiding out in the village. The joint operation was a success and it used different elements from the coalition, that worked closely with soldiers and police officers from the ISF security forces. The joint effort revealed a number of small weapons caches, as well as 6 members that were thought to be insurgents, and who were placed under arrest upon their discovery hiding from the patrol. The operation involved about 600 joint coalition and ISF soldiers, and they went house to house to search the village, to make sure that the situation was secure and the village safe. Some of the first troops were rushed into the village using air assault methods, while the rest of the soldiers worked to take the village by ground. There was no warning given, the members of the coalition started the effort and were joined by several units from the Iraqi Army, and the Iraqi National police. Some of the Iraqi soldiers seemed to be the most motivated, and they attacked the operation with professionalism and enthusiasm that impressed their coalitions partners. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The Operation lasted about 12 hours, and when done the village of Janabi was declared free from insurgents.




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