Coalition Troops Deliver Humanitarian Aid

Supplies Taken To Ameriyah Leader As the nation of Iraq continues to heal, one of the focus areas is to assist the nation in its ability to provide for its own food needs. Many families lack the daily essentials, and while employment opportunities continue to improve, it is an area that the Iraqi Government is working. US and coalition soldiers recently delivered over 50 humanitarian aid boxes to families in the Ameriyah region. The boxes were given to the families that had been identified as needy and in the most desperate situations by a local community leader, or the local Sheik. This is a delivery mission that has been done before by these soldiers, and one that they welcome as a ready alternative to the normal battle and combat response. Missions that are done for humanitarian reasons gives the soldiers and troops of the joint Coalition and ISF forces the literal ability to be both givers and receivers. They are able to give food, but the positive responses and good will that are received are over whelming at times. The coalition has learned that the best way to give humanitarian supplies and assistance is by using the local resources and leaders to assist in identifying who needs the help. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! This gives respect for the local leadership, and takes the responsibility for making sure that their people are provided for and gives this responsibility back to the Iraqi Government.




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