US Military Support And Wellness Benefits

The Armed Forces of the United States have in the past had a relaxed attitude about the overall wellness of its personnel. The wellness and health were not considered to be any part of the Army’s responsibility, it was seen as the job of the individual. Because of this the Army had a hands off attitude toward the choices of their personnel. All this has changes in the Modern era, and the US Army takes the overall wellness of their personnel a lot more serious. They work to provide general, psychological, and medical support toward the well being of their enlisted and commissioned personnel, and believe a new philosophy about supporting military Servicemembers. The new approach is that by giving consistent support to their Army Servicemembers, they are able to make sure that the overall high mission and military readiness is maintained. If the members of the Army are given the services, tools and encouragement, and provided with broad base support then the Army expects that they will be ready and in good shape to perform readily and with enthusiasm when the Army needs them. In decades and generations in the past the different elements of the Army, the Active Duty, The National Guard and Army Air Guard, and the Army reserves were all on their own, even if a program or two existed for wellness and support it was only present in the Active Duty service, and not in the reserves or national guard. This has for the most part changed. Now, if programs exist they tend to exist in all of the different Army elements. They all exist to try and give support to Army Servicemembers and their families, to aid in their overall health, welfare, and quality of life. This works to ensure a high level of personal and unit satisfaction, and a high level of morale. Some of the support and health programs are becoming a proud Army Tradition, and work to help solve any existing gap between Servicemember Army needs and the requirements of the Army for military readiness and a high functioning Army mission force. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. The Army now maintains an active and ready Personnel support and well being program, and support offices on most active Duty Army bases. The needs of the Servicemember serving in the Army are fairly constant, to Grow, To Live, To Connect, and To Serve. The Army has worked hard over the last couple of decades to identify and respond to each of these specific needs.




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