US Army Tactical MLRS Rocket Careers

If you have an interest in cannon or rocket operations, and like working under challenging and difficult situations then you may be well qualified for this Army skill specialty. This is a job specialty requiring you a person to be involved in entering the operational and communications data into the MLRS system, and operating the MLRS system under orders and by direction. In addition, working in the Army as a Multiple Rocket Fire Direction specialist you will be asked to: work to supplement artillery cannon fire during combat conditions, keeping track of firing positions, directing and operating various missile and ammunition systems for swift and overwhelming strikes, plotting intelligence data and gathering information, and how to calculate targets manually and electronically for the MLRS system. This is a job specialty that is very fast paced, and can involve calling down missile fire by direction upon enemy positions. Serving in this career puts you on the front lines in combat, supporting tank and infantry and can require you to direct rocket and missile fire. You will work to learn battle strategy and artillery tactics, plotting and navigation using charts and maps, operating and using communication systems that are unique to the MLRS system. The MLRS Tactical Data Specialist transmits and records the necessary firing data to fire missiles and weapons in the MLRS system. If you work well with detailed information, and perform well under stressful situations, and if you are good with mathematics and calculating formulas swiftly, then this may be an ideal job area for you. The Army MLRS Tactical Specialist works to maintain and operate different artillery cannon fire equipment. Serving as an Army Multiple Launch Rocket Specialist is a job that is involved in infantry and cannon fire support. You will work to give support to different units in the field, and operate directed mission support. If you are in top mental and physical condition then you will excel at this position. Crewmembers on the MLRS system are involved in precise orders and keeping detailed records, and performing in stressful situations. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! For the Army Tactical Specialist, after basic training, you will proceed to individual advanced training. You will study for seven weeks in both live simulated fire exercise scenes and in the classroom. You will be taught a variety of skill sets and information that will assist you in doing your job.




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