Ninewa And Mosul Receive Rebuilding Aid

Deputy Prime Minister Garners Support There have been a lot of really successful events to take notice of, and recently there was a press conference held by the Deputy Prime Minster of Iraq held in the village of Mosul. Rafi Hiyad Al Issawi is the Deputy Prime Minister and he spoke at the Provincial Hall to a group of reporters about some of the different government initiatives that are being worked on by the Iraqi Government. There are other agricultural issues and initiatives, including a new 100 percent funding issue to help farmers across Iraq purchase seeds and start their own farms, and the creation of 116 different positions in the Iraqi government to be available to Iraqi citizens, to help promote democracy and citizen involvement. The central government, according to Al Issawi, is vested in making sure that the community and citizens in Ninewa and Mosul know that their government is fully behind them, and wishes for their involvement and participation. The newest issue has been the payment of 2 billion Iraqi Dinar to farmers to help them with different losses they have had. In the past if a farmer lost money they had to just endure, now there are programs to assist the farmers that are being supported and developed by the Iraqi Government. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Overall the press has been kind to the Iraqi Government, as the continued withdrawal of Coalition troops continues it will be interesting to see the continued reaction of the press.




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