US Army Intelligence Crypto Logic Careers

Most of the work of a Crypto logic Language Technician is highly classified. You could be called upon to interpret and translate different foreign language information and data, and other classified communications type data. If you already know any Russian, Arabic, French, Korean, Hebrew, Chinese, Spanish or other languages fluently, then you may be well suited to work in this field.

A Critical Tasks & Job!

You could be the key to assist critical negotiations with foreign powers Or you may have a duty station aboard ship, examining the radio and communications traffic to or from a foreign power. You may serve as a person responsible for deciding the intentions of an enemy or terrorist organization. If you work in this field you will have the opportunity to volunteer and receive cross training as members of both aircrews, and submarine crews because people in your specialty serve in both environments. Your type of skills is required in both the air, surface and sub surface mission platforms. You must have a clean record, and never have been convicted of a felony. You should be able to stand up to an intensive background check in order to qualify for a top-secret clearance. The workers in this specialty also are experts in the analysis of communications of a foreign nature. If you are working in this skill field, you could be called upon to act as a physical interpreter for a U.S. Dignitary, or for Army Officials needing a skilled translator.

The US Army has a variety of different units at its command, and it uses personnel to assist in battlefield planning and operations. But the use that is the most important is to figure out what the enemy is planning, and to interpret various intelligence information. The Army trains its personnel to think, react and plan and their people are their most valuable asset, especially the Army Intelligence Crypto logical specialists. Training for this field after boot camp is quite long, more than a year in some cases. You will often attend foreign language school, and become proficient in a language other than English. You will continue to receive training both in formal settings and in the field throughout your career. As an Army Intelligence specialist, you will work dealing with and working with classified material, and working on temporary assignment or duty as a variety of Naval stations and vessels, aircraft and ships.

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Some of the duties that you may be asked to perform include: Working to analyze and report about issues of tactical and strategic importance to both fleet commanders and Intelligence agencies with the U.S. Government, and using state of the art magnetic and digital recording devices, radios, computers and signal equipment.




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Army Intelligence Crypto Logic Careers: I read the job description and I had to submit a comment.I know Arabic, I am an American Citizen and I would like to serve my country. I am a civil Engineer (Highway Design). I would like to contact someone that could help me persue this career.

Thank you.

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I am interested in a civillian Job within the US Army

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I’m very interested in this field and would like to learn more. Thanks

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