Search And Rescue USCG Career Jobs

As an agency the Coast Guard carries at its primary mission Search and Rescue operations, in addition to a number of other missions including drug interdiction, smuggling prevention, and port security.

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Coast Guard personnel participate in search and rescue and three other national defense type tasks. They work at Peacetime Coast security, Maritime intercept operations, and Environmental defense, as well as their priority Search and Rescue. The rating of Boatswains mate is the command non-commissioned rating of the Coast Guard, and they serve as the person in charge on small boat crews. The position is referred to as coxswain, and they are the captains of small boat 3 man crews that work to locate and rescue persons needing assistance. The Coast Guard participates and takes the point in most search and rescue operations in the United States, especially anything dealing with water, ocean or marine maritime activity. If you are a person that wants to participate in search and rescue, then you should consider enlisting in the United States Coast Guard.

It is part of Homeland Security, previously it was part of the Department of Transportation. There are a number of different careers involved in search and rescue operations in the Coast Guard. The specialities involved include: Port Security And Boat Crew- There are a wide variety of small boat operations that are performed by boat crewmembers that assist in finding and rescuing members of the public that need help. These are crew members that serve on small boat crew and help to inspect shipping at all of our nations ports. They also participate in search and rescue operations involving small Coast Guard vessels, working to search on waterways and bodies of water to assist the public. All enlisted Servicemembers begin with their boot camp experience at Cape May New Jersey, and after their 9-week basic training they will attend Class A school to learn how to become a trained search and rescue Servicemember.

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Aviation Crewmembers- They serve on helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, and participate to locate, search and retrieve individuals that need assistance in or near the ocean and bodies of water. These Servicemembers are involved in helicopter operations, and serve as rescue swimmers. They work as search and rescue crewmembers for helicopters that rescue mariners, civilians who become stranded when their boat malfunctions, as well as people who are lost at sea or shipwrecked on reefs or other maritime hazards.




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military dot image James Russell    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Can I enlist at age 40 ? I would like to be part of a team the helps people in need. Im focused , determined and want to be proud of something in my life. Currently at the highest level of endurance fitness in my entire life and want to use it to face extreme physical challenges that can save lives.

military dot image Cris Haas    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I was seriously cvonsidering enlisting in the US Coast Guard after seeing that movie with Kevin Cosner and Ashton Kutcher, because I am a great swimmer and I want a job full of action and excitement. I want nothing more than to be an aviation crewmember, jump out of helicopters and rescue civilians. But then someone close advised me itwasn`t all just action packed adventure swimming and jumping from helicopters. Once you enlist the Coast Guard places you where they think they need you and some of the jobs could be quite opposite to what I am looking for. Like just looking at a computer all day. Could you guys advise me at all on this subject? I want to enlist but I am just interested in being the guy who jumps out of helicopters.

military dot image howard    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I have been a fisherman for 8 years .I have 1450 days as a deckhand on wheel watch .I have allways thought of the coast guard .Right now I am just a few steps away from getting my 2000gt mates license.I have a baby and a wife and a morgage and alot of other bills how much can I make in the coast guard and will my expieriance help towards a better job in the coast gaurd.

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