New Agriculture Methods Discussed

Leaders Seek New Ways Of Agriculture The leaders of the coalition and of the Iraqi farmers cooperative met with members of the Iraqi Government recently, to discuss different methods of farming and plant life. One of the methods discussed is to provide plastic, supplies and various types of bulk seeds to farmers in the Busayefi region recently. Their efforts are aimed at helping farmers in the region get back on their feet. It was truly a community event, the security and overwatch for the event was performed by the Sons of Iraq citizen watch group in Busayefi. The community and the coalition are all vested in making sure that farmers and other groups that want to make sure that Iraq can produce its own food supply are given the proper support to grow and succeed. The plastic is used with strips of wood to make greenhouse enclosures that can help vegetables and other plants get a hearty and healthy start in the otherwise arid, hot climate of Iraq. It is a method that was made popular in the Peace Corps in the 1970s, and used with a lot of success in different 3rd world countries beginning in the 1960s, 1970s, and even up to the current time. It is a very successful method of getting seeds to start in harsh climates, such as the desert of Iraq. The supplies were very well received; there were over 100 farmers that received supplies in the recent distribution in the area to the southeast of Busayefi. Now that much of the security concerns have been lessened in many areas of Iraq, it has become more of a major issue, helping to restore the ability of Iraq to grow its own food. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Funding for the seed and supply project comes from the Iraqi Government, and they have worked hard to identify areas that need help with local Iraqi leaders leading the way. The push has turned to helping equip and aid the local citizens in their efforts to rebuild.




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