US Coast Guard Assists With Rescues

Seattle, Washington-  There has been a large number of different rescues performed over the last couple of days, because of the large amount of rainfall that has fallen. The flooding has created a lot of havoc, and there have been different situations that has required the assistance of the US Coast Guard. The Coast Guard Air Stations located up and down the Washington and Oregon Coast have been pressed into service. Helicopters have been dispatched to assist a number of different times in the last week to help citizens that have been stranded by the rising waters. The number of people that have been rescued in the two state region has been 106 people, and over 9 animals including 5 dogs and a number of cats and other pets. The Coast Guard has been working diligently 24 hours a day, helping citizens recover and get to safety. There has been nearly 12 inches of rain fall in a short amount of time that has caused severe flooding in a number of regions. The ability of the Air Stations at Astoria, as well as Coos Bay Oregon, and Seattle Washington have cooperatively given state and federal authorities the response ability that has lacked at times in the past. This year there has been a huge decrease in the loss of lives that could have been impacted due to the flooding.




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i’ve been dreaming of being a US Coast Guard

military dot image Marshall Warren    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

That is awesome thank you to those of you in the United States Coast Guard.
I will most likely be joining the USCG after i graduate out of High School.

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