Dry Super Bowl Slated For Majority Serving In Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq- There will be a little joy, but only for the units actually assigned to MNF Baghdad for the Super Bowl. These are the only soldiers that will be able to enjoy a beer during the annual Super Bowl Game. Most of the Units that are stationed in Iraq will not be allowed to partake, and this is regretted almost universally up and down the chain of command. Soldiers assigned to MND- Baghdad have gotten permission to have two beers in military facilities during the NFL Title game, scheduled for February 1st in Tampa, Florida. This is unusual because it normally is something prevented by General Order 1, that says no alcohol in Iraq. This is done out of respect for the Muslim culture and the Iraqi people, but many of the extended units in Iraq are wishing they served in Baghdad for the opportunity to enjoy a beer during the Super Bowl Game. None of the other commands or units scatter across Iraq have plans to allow any exceptions to General Order #1, according to military sources. Drinking alcohol in any form has been banned since U.S. and Coalition soldiers first deployed to the Middle East. There have been a couple of special event exceptions, but they are the rare exception.




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