Marines Train and Equip Iraqi Transition Teams

Al Asad Base, Iraq-  Despite a long engagement, coalition forces continue to make the difference and concentrate different efforts to help the Iraq military and Iraqi police forces, along with the Iraq border patrol to be more professional and to achieve independence functioning capability. U.S. Marines are working hard to train, equip and transfer one by one different security missions. They are training fellow Iraqi soldiers to be mechanics, policemen, security specialists, and even border transition team members. “We work as embedded members of their units, and transition teams, to advice, teach and train and it is going well. We live with them for periods of four and five days, and give them intensive training before moving on to the next Unit and next assignment,” said First Lieutenant Daniel Rodriquez. Lieutenant Rodriquez is the Border Transition team logistics officer, Border Transition Team 5th Battalion, 6th Brigade, 2nd Region. Sailors and U.S. Marines that are assigned to the Combat Logistics Battalion 2, Transportation Support Company, 1st Marine Logistics Group are a vital player in the logistical support for the different BTT, PTT and MTT teams that are working and supporting the Iraqi forces in the West part of Al Anbar province. These brave men and women are supplied by the different convoy and resupply Marine Forces. Without these supplies the Transiton Teams would be dead in the water. Transportation Company performs often above and beyond the call, working to provide a variety of convoy and logistics missions, both to Camp Gannon and other camps.




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