Storekeeper And Gunners Mate Jobs

Two of the more popular jobs available in the Navy are in the Storekeeper and Gunners Mate ratings. Both are jobs of responsibility and vital for the effective operation of the Navy at large. And both are ratings that have a long proud history in the Navy. Gunners Mate.

The Job of Gunners Mate is a detailed one, requiring good manual dexterity and skill with tools. Gunners Mates are the ones that are responsible for the maintenance and operation of gun mounts, small arms, rifles and handguns, weapons and weapons magazines, and even guided missile systems. Gunners mates are jack of all trades in maintaining the weapons and equipment that they are responsible for, sometimes required to fashion or machine new items to meet a job task. Some of the kind of different jobs that gunner’s mates perform includes:

-Calibration and testing of weapons systems.

-Training and overseeing crews in all different types of ordinance use and equipment.

-Stowing, securing, requisitioning and supplying weapons, explosive and ordinance.

-Maintaining different flooding and sprinkler systems for ammunition magazine storage.

-Servicing and usage of rocket launchers, missile systems and other weapons.

-Firing different types of weapons of all types. A gunner’s mate must have normal hearing and depth perception and hearing. Candidates must have ability to qualify for a security Clearance (SECRET).

Storekeeper A storekeeper is a lot like a clerk, but with a lot of different responsibilities than just a clerk. A storekeeper is responsible for supplying and ordering both specific supplies and general stores for a ship or station. A storekeeper uses both paper and electronic systems to order, track and fill supplies accurately and in a timely fashion. Storekeepers are responsible for keeping accurate records in budgeting, warehousing, accounting, transportation, and inventory management areas. SKs are a vital member of the team in planning and implementing any mission. Duties that a Storekeeper will engage in include:

-Ordering and stocking spare parts and supplies.

-Receiving and distributing a variety of good including clothing, personal supplies, and food.

-Using computer systems to record and account for all types of supplies.

-Serving as cargo and air cargo specialists loading ships, vehicles, equipment and aircraft.

-Working with hazardous materials and Haz-Mat management and control.

Storekeepers work at air cargo terminals, naval shore and air stations, on board every kind of ships and aircraft found in the Navy, and working, as a storekeeper is an excellent chance to learn a lot of different jobs at various duty stations during a Navy career.




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