Minnesota 34th Infantry Division Trains For Return To Duty

St. Paul, Minnesota- Soldiers and troops in Minnesota are working hard to get ready for their trip back into the action. Members of the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division are excited, and ready to get back at it, according to several members of the squad.

They have been on leave and now are readying for deployment, coming from their home base near Stillwater, Faribault, Rosemount and Inver Grove Heights. There will be a special ceremony held at Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul consisting of a deployment dinner and ceremony.

There are 1,037 members of the 34th Infantry Division, and to a man they seem eager to get back into the thick of things as they head back into action to do their duty. They will head for some pre-deployment training at Fort Lewis, Washington to help hone and sharpen their skills with the latest equipment and materials.

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The unit will be assigned to eight different provinces in Southern Iraq to assist with command and control activity. After 90 days of training at Fort Lewis they will head to Iraq. They will help with command and control duties overseeing soldiers both National Guard and Active Duty soldiers in the region.




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