Marines And Army Work On Joint Training

As soldiers prepare to head off to Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States Army Training center has been working to bring different elements together for training, just as they would work together in the field overseas.

The Joint fire team professionals of the U.S. Joint Forces Command have worked to bring together key U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army Forces at the center in Fort Irwin, California. The members of the Army Brigade Combat Teams, along with units of the U.S. Air Force based at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, have been brought together for operations and unit training.

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The training is called Joint Air Ground Situational Training, and it gives Servicemembers and Warfighters the chance to learn, to focus on key battle targets, to practice and conduct battle tracking and to participate in joint command and control operations.

This is excellent training and teaches a lot of practical lessons on cooperation, teamwork, leadership, and other issues that are sometimes not realized until troops are in the field. By using this form of training before troops head overseas, they can hit the ground running, ready for anything.




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If my boyfriend and I have children, is it required we are married to join for him to join the marines? Or can he enlist as a single parent?

Your prompt assistance is appreciated.

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I dont know

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