Small Town Soldier Talks About Military Mentor Help

Many people enlist and work as part of the military team in the U.S. Armed Forces. Often, it is the team aspect that welcomes and draws people in and gives them the confidence, the skills and the maturity to be trained well for jobs on the civilian front.

But sometimes there are people that stand out and serve as role models and mentors for others. Command Sergeant Major Anthony Edwards is a soldier with a plan, stationed at Camp Atterbury.

Command Sergeant Major Edwards is the top senior enlisted member of the 205th Infantry Brigade, and his unit is heavily involved in training other soldiers, with Edwards personally ensuring that the level and the intensity of the training is first-rate.

CmsM Edwards stands tall at six feet four inches, and his stature and presence commands the respect and admiration of his 400 soldiers in his brigade. When he was young, Command Sergant Major Edwards wanted nothing more than to be in the Military.

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“We would see Army or Police in shows on TV and in movies, that helped plant the seed to be a soldier,” says Edwards. Plus, his older brothers in the service talked about drill, duty and service, and that put Edwards over the line.

Command Sergeant Major Edward says that key people mentored him in his military career, and that is what he works to do, to help make sure other soldiers are being trained, supported and mentored. It boils down to treating people the way you want to be treated.

“I am a country boy but believe in respect and dignity, and I work to treat people that way 97 percent of the time. If you see the other 3 percent, then you have really messed up and earned my wrath,” said Edwards with nary a smile.

Command Sergeant Major Edwards has served his country with honor for 27 years, but at the end of the day, he believes that integrity is what is most important.




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