Staff Sergeant Medic Honored For Valor In Afghanistan

The actions of different staff and medical personnel in combat cannot be adequately expressed. In the case of Staff Sergeant Matthew Kinney he knew that in the 45 minutes on a day in Afghanistan that several men and their lives were depending on him, and he didn’t hesitate.

His actions under fire served to earn him the Silver Star for valor. At 30 years old, Staff Sergeant Kinney is a battle veteran, with two tours of duty in Iraq already under his belt he was assigned to Afghanistan in the Korengal Valley.

“In my mind, I’ve done a lot of stuff throughout my Army career, and I don’t feel like I should be awarded an award, especially not the Silver Star,” said Kinney. He was awarded the Silver Star on February 19th.

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He was serving as a flight medic when he answered the call treating soldiers coming under fire.

After they were loaded he single handedly treated five different patients that were in critical condition, dressing wounds, starting IV’s, and dealing with a couple partial amputations and extreme wounds and bleeding.

He is awaiting orders to become a flight medic instructor for the Army.




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Great job!!Sergeant Matthew Kinney. keep it up. it’s good example for other soldiers

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Sergeant Matthew Kinney, My dear son-n-law. I am without words. We love you.

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