US Marines PRT Teams Help Iraq Rutbah Widows

Rutbah, Iraq- There are a few cultural issues that have to be overcome when you are in the United States Military and you wish to help out members of the Iraq Citizenship. In areas that are known for their religious conservative views, it can be a challenge.

You have to seek the approval of the spiritual leader, normally the city or village Muslim Iman, who has to approve the project. In this case, a load of sewing machines to support widows from the local Rutbah area. The Imam was concerned at first concerned that giving the sewing machines would give a group of women too much authority and power. Then, the city council, made up of all males, had to approve the project.

Many of the enlisted members of the U.S. Military are focused to help people. Mostly citizen soldiers from National Guard and Reserve Units, the members that serve in Iraq are happy to be there, with the pay and benefits including the hazard duty pay and overseas combat pay.

Many of the soldiers in Iraq are glad that their service is giving their families the ability to live without worrying about layoffs, or loss of jobs during the current economic conditions.

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The members of the U.S. Marines located near Rutbah have gotten the approvals, and will soon be supplying Sewing Machines for the nearly 200 widows in the Rutbah area. They will assist by giving small loans to the widows, and then they will purchase machines that they can use to produce sewn goods and products to support themselves.




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