Federal Tax Information Tips

There are a few tips and hints to filing your Federal Taxes. First of all, it’s important to know where to file. Send the return for your Federal Taxes to the place that is closest to where you have your current home. For example say you are stationed at Camp Pendleton, California, but your permanent home is someplace in Texas. Then you should send your Federal return to the service center that is for California.

All of the instructions for the forms 1040EZ, 1040A, and form 1040 also have the addresses and instructions for service centers that cover the continental U.S.A. If you live overseas with a FPO or an APO style address, you should send your Federal Return to: Internal Revenue Service Service Center Philadelphia, PA  19255-0215

Closing date for the 2007 tax year is 15 April 2008. Some people for various reasons need an extension. Extensions can be granted in some cases. Extensions Inside The United States: You are able to access and get a four-month extension if you do one of the following things: Pay some of the tax you estimate on your return using a credit card, electronically. File the Form 4868. File Form 4868 by Internet. File Form 4868 by telephone. If you live outside of the United States, you qualify for an extension to 15 June 2008 if on active duty for the entire period of the due date on the return. You have to attach a written statement and proof that you lived outside the U.S.A. with your return if this applies to you.

You are able to apply for an extension beyond the four-month extension by filing the Federal Form 2688, and by writing an explanation letter to the IRS. However, you must make sure that before you do this, that you have already also filed Form 4868 also, otherwise you will be denied. If you have filed for an extension you do not have an implied or explicit extension to pay your taxes. Taxes are still due when they are due. Any taxes that are not paid on time may be subject to interest, fines, and penalties as assessed by the IRS.

If you are serving with the U.S. Armed Forces in a Qualified Hazard Duty Area, or Combat War Zone, or if other special circumstances apply, you may qualify for an automatic 180-day extension to file your Federal Return. If you are unsure if you qualify, check with your local JAG office.




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