Special Forces MarSOC Marks Third Anniversary

Camp Lejeune, N.C.-The Special Forces Command in the Marine Corps celebrates its third anniversary recently in a ceremony held at Camp Lejeune. When it is fully operational in about 24 months, its commander Major General Mastin Robeson says “The sky is the limit.”

The command has seen a large increase, about 30 percent in the number of deployments in the past year. It is proof that the MarSOC unit is living up to the expectations of the United States Special Operations Command and the requirements that have been made.

Many people are interested in serving in the Special Operations Command, both in the new Marine Corps Unit, and with Delta Forces in the Army, and the SEAL special Operations teams with the United States Navy.

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Along with the regular pay, training and benefits, members of Special Operations often see duty behind enemy lines, and receive language and specialized training, along with combat pay and hazard pay. This have been a process that has been very attractive, and attracting high quality volunteers for Marine Corps and United States Special Operations command operations has not been a problem, say commanders in the field and at training locations in the United States.

“All the Special Operations Command has set before us, the Marine Special Operations have successfully trained and completed and we are proud of our successes,” said General Robeson.




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