Plan To Expand Reserves And Guard Active Duty Billeting

There is a plan to help expand the opportunities for the Reserves and National Guard, so that they can participate in different billet and jobs selection processes for jobs along with members of the Active Duty military.

Up to now the Reservists have not had the same opportunities as others that were active duty members of the military. The new process would equal the playing field and allow members of the National Guard and Reserves to be able to participate in competing for jobs, without being disqualified because they are Reservists and not regular military personnel.

Great Enlistment Jobs Training and Education are available in the United States Navy and US Naval Reserve. Click HERE for education and training option information.

The plan is to enable the members of the Reserves to be able to log into the detailing and job billet assignment system, to apply for different positions just as active duty Servicemembers are able to do. If selected then the Reservist is given a chance to move back to the military Active duty side and offered a multi year enlistment contract so they can participate in the open position.

It is hoped that it would be routine and not something that would require a special authority or time of war to make happen.




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