First Lady Begins Advocacy For Military Families

Bragg, North Carolina- The United States has the first African American President in our new leader, President Barack Obama. But not only are we blessed with his leadership, but also by the assistance of the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama is traveling to different national military locations, showing her support for the military families in America. She is working to support the plight of our military families, and she feels that military families have a friend in her in the white house.

When asked about the issues regarding support for military families, such as some military families needing more support she said: “The families of our military, when they hurt, we hurt as a nation.”

“Our Servicemembers are making the ultimate sacrifice, and we need to do more to assist the military families,” said Mrs. Obama.

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“I want to shed light on how to make these issues better,” said Mrs. Obama. She is working to take what she finds out and help make programs and other things available to the different members of the military families throughout the nation.

“We need to try different things, support and give to our military families,” said Mrs. Obama. She said she feels a lot of optimism about the economy, despite some of the bad news that is happening.




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