Silver Star Awarded To 173rd Airborne Paratrooper

Bamberg, Germany-A member of the Combat 173rd Airborne Brigade was awarded the third highest award for war time valor last Wednesday. A member of 173rd Special Troops Battalion, Company A, Staff Sergeant Lincoln V. Dockery was given the Silver Star for his actions on November 16th, 2007.

He was serving in the Korengal River Valley in Afghanistan when a roadside bomb exploded, and he charged the enemy in a small arms attack. He was decorated in Germany with his proud Son and daughter, and wife Dominika watching. He accepted a Silver Star and also was given a Purple Heart award from Lieutenant General Kenneth Hunzeker.

Lieutenant General Hunzeker is the 5th Corps Commander and happened to be on station attending a leadership conference.

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“We are proud of Staff Sergeant Dockery he is truly an example of a NCO who has stepped up to the challenges in life,” said General Hunzeker during his brief address at the ceremony. Staff Sergeant Dockery is a proud example of the citizen soldiers serving and fighting, doing their duty and protecting the best interests of the United States around the world.




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