Women In Aviation Hold 20th Annual Conference

Atlanta Naval Air Station- The annual International Women in Aviation Conference was held in Atlanta on February 25th through the 28th, and the 20th annual conference attracted a great crowd of more than 2,500 women. The crowd in attendance was made up nearly entirely of aviators and aircrew members, and serves to build ties with women in aviation from around the world.

The United States was able to supply more than 70 air crewpersons and naval aviators, and it gives the attendees the opportunity to make positive connections with other aviators and to learn about the history of Female naval aviators around the world.

The United States Navy Rear Admiral Wendi Carpenter was the 31st Female to reach aviator status in the Navy and the first female aviator to make Flag Rank. She spoke and addressed the aviators at the new member social sponsored at the conference by the Navy.

“We have an opportunity to make friendships with other female aviators from around the world, to meet new people and build a support network which assists female aviators a great deal,” said Admiral Carpenter.

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More and more females in the United States and around the world are joining and becoming aviators, flying is now something that both Women and Men can participate in.




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