USMC Family Sends Message To Troops

General Magnus Carries Hero’s Tribute To Afghanistan The message from a young Marine’s family whose son gave his life in the line of duty was delivered last week to the Afghanistan people. Cpl Jason L. Dunham gave his life in the line of duty and the young Marine was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously.

Cpl Dunham’s Mother had a simple three-part message.

Thank you for all your service” was the first part of her message. Keep your mission, what you are doing is important, keep doing it, was the second part. And the last part of her message was simply: Continue to take good care of yourselves and each other.

Assistant Commandant Marine General Robert Magnus brought the message from Debra Dunham to other Marines, and he shared the message from Cpl Dunham’s mother as he made his way through the Afghanistan countryside visiting and inspecting the troops.

Deb Dunham is a Gold Star Mother, and her saying thank you, she knows just exactly what it is that she is thanking you folks for, said General Magnus. Her message was simple, but filled with meaning. She is truly the mother of a hero, said General Magnus.

General Magnus spoke briefly about the importance of Dunham’s heroic act, and shared repeatedly the support and love that his mother, Debra Dunham had for her son, and for her respect and love she still caries for the Marine Corps.

Cpl Dunham saw a grenade enter his area, and dived on it, saving the lives of everyone else nearby. For his heroism, he paid the ultimate price of his life.




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