2 Reasons Why Joining the Military is Wise

Joining the military can change your life in many ways. You become a disciplined soldier, you get a top notch education and an excellent military job, or the best advantage in the civilian workforce imaginable. You reap many financial benefits for you and your family.

But two very specific reasons it’s a smart move to join the military are the health benefits and retirement.

Just like civilians look at these benefits from their employers before choosing a job, you should consider them when trying to decide whether or not to join the military. Right now, thanks to Wall Street declining and a growing recession, many people have lost most or all of their retirement money in 401(k)s and other pension plans. All the financial stability they’d hoped and planned for is gone. Your military retirement is guaranteed—the government will be there for you in any economy.

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Many people have lost their jobs in this economy, too, and with it they’ve lost their health insurance. But as a member of the US military, you’re covered by an excellent health insurance plan while on active duty, and as a veteran. Don’t leave your health insurance and your retirement up to the fluctuations of the economy—join the military and get them, guaranteed.




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