Survive Basic Training for Great Military Jobs

Do you think about joining the military, but fear Basic Training or Boot Camp? Your fear is a common one, shared by many people who think about joining the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or National Guard. In fact, that fear of basic training scares many people away from ever trying.

Basic Training is probably the most difficult thing you will ever do in your life. But the good news is that millions of people have done it, and so can you. If you’re worried that you’re not in the right physical shape to handle it, then train yourself as hard as you can before you enlist. And remember that most of the people there will be in about the same physical shape as you.

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If you worry that you can’t take the mental challenges, and fear mistreatment or humiliation, then remember that you can’t be physically hit or abused while in Basic Training. It’s true that your CO can say just about anything to you, and he will say just about anything, but that millions of people have heard those same things and made it. You can survive basic training. Overcome your fear, and you’ll reap the rewards of good military jobs and lifelong benefits.




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