3 Reasons to Join the Navy

People who love to fly join the Air Force in the hopes of flying jets; people who love the water are naturally drawn to the Navy. Navy service offers you several things you won’t find anywhere else.

You can get Navy jobs on submarines. Hundreds of thousands of boys years ago used to watch movies about U-boats and submarines and dreamed of traveling below the depths in those amazing machines. Submarine technology is some of the most sophisticated in the world, and you can be a part of that by serving aboard a Navy submarine.

By joining the Navy, you get to participate in the United States Military, as well as enjoy the many financial and lifelong benefits you get for being in the military, from good pay and advancement opportunities to educational benefits, health benefits and lifelong veterans benefits including medical, education and retirement.

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You can also aspire to become one of the finest soldiers, a Navy Seal. Not everyone who joins the Navy can be a Navy Seal, but you get the opportunity to try when you’re in the Navy. Navy Seals are some of the most respected special ops soldiers today, and you could get a chance at this awesome Navy job.




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also to prove people wrong. I mean that all of my life people told me that because I am a woman that I can do the same things. As a man could. But now I proved them wrong

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