4 Reasons to Join the Military

There are many reasons to join the United States military, but here are 4 excellent ones: FBI, CIA, ATF, Police Department.

By joining the military and serving your country, you give yourself the background to transition to these types of jobs when you leave active duty. Have you ever dreamed of joining the Federal Bureau of Investigations as an FBI agent? Or maybe you like the idea of being a part of the Central Intelligence Agency or the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which is like being a police officer for the entire country.

Even if you want to become a police officer in your local community, military service uniquely prepares you to transition to these types of government jobs. The military training you receive not only gives you an advantage in these types of jobs, very often the exact techniques and skill you’ll learn, depending on your military jobs, are those you need to join various government agencies like the ATF or the FBI.

Are You Interested in Travel and Learning a Professional Skill? There are career fields in the United States Army Reserves and National Guard for YOU! Click HERE for Details.

While military service can serve as a starting point for a variety of corporate jobs, these specialized government jobs are particularly good places for veterans to continue serving their country while enjoying wonderful careers.




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