3 Ways to Become a Marine

Be Tough: You might join the Marines for the Marine jobs and the benefits, but the Marines will also teach you to be tough. Surviving in today’s world requires more than just an education in your field; you also need education in how to handle the ups and downs life can throw at you. Marines train physically, mentally and emotionally. If you can be tough and handle what Marine jobs throw at you, then you get the honor of calling yourself a Marine.

Be Smart: Sometimes Marines are portrayed in movies and television as muscular soldiers who aren’t bright, but who charge in ready for battle. This is an unfair portrayal of fine, smart soldiers. Marine jobs require intellect, training and the ability to think on your feet. It’s not easy to pass the tests required to be a Marine, or to hold certain specialized jobs in the service.

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Be Proud: You’ve heard the phrase about the few and the proud. There are few, because it’s not easy to be tough and smart enough to be a Marine and be able to do Marine jobs. The few are also proud, because they’re part of the United States military, showing a pride in themselves and their country.




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How smart do you need to be to bacome a marine.

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