The Military Needs More Women!

Statistics showed that the US military is comprised of only 20% women. There are many misconceptions when it comes to women in the military and you should know that they get all the benefits that men do.

There are certain jobs that women are not allowed to do in any military branch such as the Army; however, in today’s world 95% of all jobs in the military are open to women. They are also entitled to the same amount of pay that men are in these jobs.

If you are young woman and you are considering joining the Army then you should know that you are making a fantastic decision for your future. And on a lighter note you will not have to shave your head!

More and more young ladies are looking at joining the military and the opportunities for them are growing every day including higher positions.

Popular choices for women joining the army would be in the medical sector, and roles that were traditionally filled by men such as unit and convoy security as well as military police.

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Embarking on a military career is going to provide young people, men or women, with a solid financial future and a great opportunity to serve the country that has done so much already for them.




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