Military Careers – Medical

Regardless of whether you already have a medical career or aspire to work in the medical field, the United States Military offers multiple opportunities for a career in the medical field.

Medical Technical Specialties

Army careers in medical specialties are high demand jobs that can be easily transferred to civilian jobs after leaving the Army. If you have a particular speciality in mind that you want to get training in, talk to your Army recruiter and find out what the opportunities are for that particular speciality. For example, there is a high demand for medical technicians such as respiratory therapists, radiology specialists, optical specialists and dental hygienists, just to name a few medical specialties.

The Army may provide all of your training and then assign you to a medical hospital or provider location that may be located either within the United States or at a military hospital overseas.

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Further Medical Training

If you decide that you want to further your medical training, you may be eligible for continued education assistance, either through the GI Bill or through other military-sponsored training programs. The newly revised GI Bill goes into effect August 2009. This new Post 9/11 GI Bill provides full college tuition, plus a stipend for books and supplies and a housing stipend.




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