Army Careers – Veterinary Medicine

If you have an interest in veterinary medicine, you should consider an Army career taking care of dogs, horses and other animals that fall under the care of the government.

Veterinary Officer

If you have a degree in Veterinary Medicine from an accredited university and hold a current veterinary license, a career in the Army may provide you with career security and access to state of the art research and treatment facilities. Veterinary officers in the Army provide research services investigating such breast cancer, vaccine development and other exciting topics. Among the duties of a veterinary officer, you will be teaching veterinary techniques to veterinary technicians, commanding and managing soldiers under your command and providing public health services to soldiers.

Veterinary officers must complete a 10 to 14 week officer training course, which is a basic orientation course that focuses on the Army Health Care system and other relevant topics such as leadership.

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Animal Care Specialist

An animal care specialist is an individual who provides specialized care and attention to dogs, horses and other animals that fall under the jurisdiction of the Army. An Army career as an animal care specialist is one in which you assist the veterinary officer in providing care to these animals, including preparation of surgical equipment, feeding and other care of animals. Training for the animal care specialist is a seven to 52 week specialized individual training program, following basic training.




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