Military Careers – National Guard Intelligence Diver

Do you have a strong desire to serve your country? Do you have an interest in learning how to dive or already known how to dive? Joining the National Guard is a way in which you can take a career interest and turn it into a way in which to serve your country. If you have an interest in maintaining a civilian life, while still gaining from the benefits of joining the military, the National Guard is an excellent option.

A National Guard intelligence diver provides intelligence services by conducting recognizance, demolition, repair or patrolling services. A diver might be trained as either a scuba diver or as a deep sea diver. Duties may include salvage operations, patrolling underwater, assisting with the building of piers and harbors and using demolition equipment to clear underwater debris.

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National Guard Training

One of the benefits of joining the National Guard is that the training program is designed for individuals who maintain a civilian life. After initial National Guard training, advanced specialized training takes place and thereafter, training is one weekend per month and for a two week period annually.




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I’ve been in the NY Army National Guard for over three years now. How do I become a Guard Diver?
Thank You
SPC Elliott

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I want to become like a National Guard Intelligence Diver how do I find the complete information or where I go to find the information

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