Navy Careers – Translating a Navy Career into a Post Military Career

If you have an interest in being an airline pilot, helicopter pilot, air equipment repair worker or as an investigator or detective, then a Navy career is a career path that may provide you not only with excellent training, but also with a post military pension that can allow you to springboard yourself into a second career.

In-Demand Jobs

Among the many benefits a military provides, a Navy career can provide you with superb training in your career field. Whether your field is as a pilot or as a mechanic, that training can translate into an in-demand job after you leave the Navy. For example, if you have worked in Special Forces as a Seal, intelligence officer or in another security-related capacity, you may find yourself being recruited for positions within government agencies that are looking for the specialized training and experience that you bring with you to the job. These agencies may include the FBI, CIA, large city police departments, state investigative agencies or even private security companies. The opportunities in private industry and civilian life abound for individuals with successful military careers.

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If you end up retiring from the Navy with a pension, your years of experience will allow you to not only draw upon your military pension, but also still have many productive years left to segue into a second career.




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