Missions Of The U.S. Coast Guard

Many people know the motto of the Marine Corps. But not many know the motto used by the United States Coast Guard.

Semper Paratus. It means “Always Ready. If your average day included over 120 boarding’s, guiding and directing over 2500 ships into and out of ports around the country, discovering and confiscating nearly 13 million dollars worth of illegal drugs, giving aid or assistance to 114 people in distress situations, and saving an average of 15 lives, then you could say “Semper Paratus, too. The United States Coast Guard is the least known of the five U.S. Armed Forces. They have been variously part of the Department of the Navy (during time of war) and part of Department of Transportation, and the newly created Department of Homeland Security.

Why are the brave sailors and airmen who make up the fighting forces in the U.S. Coast Guard part of Departments other than the Department of Defense?  Well it’s because of their boarding and port security function. If the Coast Guard was part of the Department of Defense they could be considered an Army or Navy of the United States. If that was true, then when say, a Coast Guard Vessel and crew stops a ship or vessel and boards it, it could be mis- understood. In such a case, if part of the Department of Defense, it literally could be called an act of war, by another country.

Because they are part of a civilian branch of the government, they (for purposes of international relations) are considered a police force, and no one gets their knickers in a twist about acts of war, etc.

There are five missions present in the Active duty and reserve coast guard.

They are:

-Environmental Coastal Defense operations.
-Peacetime engagement and inspection of shipping.
-Security, defense and port operations nationwide at seacoasts and ports, and worldwide.
-Search and rescue of people and vessels in Distress.

The United States Coast Guard is the longest, continuous seagoing service in the United States. (For a period in the 1700’s the Navy was disbanded). Coast Guardsmen go anywhere in time of need, but are mainly based in the United States. They work to maintain freedom on land, at sea, and anywhere called to defend the United States. Coast Guardsmen operate in times of peace and war. Coast Guardsmen also help in the War on Drugs, seizing and confiscating tons of illegal drugs each and every day. Without the Coast Guard, many drugs smuggling efforts into the United States would remain viable, and the situation would be worse in many ways.




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