Reasons to Join the Military – Men and Women of Honor

There are many paths to honor in this world. Joining the United States Military is one of those paths. Soldiers hold a special place in the hearts of Americans. We hold them to be the keepers and defenders of our way of life and the people who fight where we cannot fight ourselves. They stand for our freedoms and for our belief in the value of democracy.

The United States is a world leader. We stand up to world bullies and we do the hard and ugly work that other countries do not have the ability or the stomach to do. In short, we hold the honor of the world in our hands and we’re willing to stand up to defend it.

Not everyone is equipped to become a man or woman of honor. It requires courage. It requires determination. It requires self discipline. And it requires the ability to follow orders and defend the structure of the organization. Not everyone has these qualities or these abilities. And not everyone wants to challenge themselves to follow military discipline and rules.

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If you are a person of honor, a person who will stand up and walk the wall others before you have walked, then consider a career in the United States Army, Marines, Navy or Air Force.




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