The Making of a Man – Benefits to a Military Career

Young people often come to the military unformed and needing guidance and self esteem. While in the Army, Marines, Air Force or Navy, they discover – sometimes to their great surprise – that they are strong, intelligent individuals, who have the ability to be great leaders and decision makers.

The military life is not an easy one. Boot camp can be the first time that a person is really physically challenged. During boot camp you will run until you think you will die before your next step, but you keep on running. You will climb the wall even though you have a fear of heights and falling. And you will accomplish things you never thought you could accomplish, because you must. Your body becomes lean and taut. Your body becomes your tool to protect yourself and those around you who depend upon you to watch their back.

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After boot camp, your military career really begins. As you move up the ranks, you learn what it is to be a leader. You have men and women under your command. You make decisions that may change their entire lives. You do it because you care about your country and because it is your job. In short, you grow up to be the person you might not have been otherwise.




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