Jim McDonough

BIO – Jim McDonough is a former Marine Corps Weapons Training Officer and holds an undergraduate degree from the Pennsylvania State University and duel MBA degrees from University of Pittsburgh. As an OCS graduate, Jim was trained as an artillery officer and served overseas with the 12th Marine Regiment. He was assigned as OIC of the Camp Schwab Weapons Ranges including the Sniper School. In another assignment he was granted a Top Secret (Code Name – Cosmic) Clearance. He is well versed in military affairs both home and abroad and is an expert in ground force weapons, Warsaw Pact weapons, crater analysis, catastrophic failures, kinetic energy calculations, to name only a few. He has authored many white papers and articles on tactical military equipment, including UAVs and robots.

Articles By Jim McDonough
Political – Left to Right
Since our earliest Social Studies classes in Junior High School the teachers talked about the “political left and the political right”. However, to my recollection the only explanation I ever got for the terminology was that the British Parliament had the Liberals seated on the left side of the chamber and the Conservatives seated on the right. Nobody cared to go into more detail than that.

Save Lives – Get a New Infantry Rifle
By: James M. McDonough Army Major General (Ret.) Robert Scales wrote an excellent article (Gun Trouble) in the January/February 2015 issue of the Atlantic Magazine. The thrust of this article echoes the complaints, pleas and curses of untold thousands of American infantry for the last fifty years. To wit: The M-16 rifle (and its latest […]

While the Army and Marine grunts were trying to talk on their toaster sized communicators, the Navy was building and deploying the first “Assault Drones”! Yes, that is what they were called in “Project Option”. Thousands were planned, but just a bit over two hundred were actually built. The twin engined birds were launched off of U.S. aircraft carriers and could carry a one ton torpedo or one ton of bombs. They were radio-controlled by a pilot in another Navy aircraft within ten miles of the drone.

War Arabia and Persia: The Past and The Future
In the seventy years since the end of WW II, through competent and inept American administrations the leaders of other countries almost always knew where the US stood; not any more. Between the fading “red lines”, the catastrophes in Libya, the ineptitude in Iraq and the “cooked” intelligence reports; most any foreign leader would be perplexed.