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Larry Fowler

BIO - Larry Fowler is the publisher of Network one of America’s premier privately owned military websites. Larry also served in the United States Navy and was chosen by his peers as Honor Man in basic training and then was immediately transferred to Coronado CA where he graduated Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training (BUDS) Class 89 in 1976. Larry is happily married to Debbie and currently has four sons, two dogs and too many chipmunks in his back yard. Larry’s passion is his faith, wife and family and then serving his honored military clients. is not a government agency.

Articles By Larry Fowler
Is Obesity Becoming A National Security Issue for the Military?
Is it possible that obesity is becoming a National Security issue for the US Military? The national security issue of obesity is a two-headed monster for the United States Military. It not only affects military personnel, but it has also shrunk the potential recruiting pool. As obesity in America rises, the military and national security are impacted.

Do You Know Why You Want to Join the Military?
The decision to join the military will be one of the most important decisions in your life. While every branch of the United States Military will take you, as long as you qualify, and point you in a specific direction, it’s better to go into it understanding why you enlisted. If you know why you joined the military, you’ll wake up every morning (bright and early) with a true sense of purpose.

Should You Enlist in the Military in 2017?
To enlist in the military is a once in a life-time decision. Making a rash decision about your life isn’t a good idea. Joining the military is a huge commitment and should be made for the right reasons. There are several great reasons to join the military and become a part of something truly special.

Five Amazing Reasons To Join The Military Now
There are many great reasons to joining the military today. Let’s not forget, we do have a new political administration in Washington, DC. As you must know, President Trump has already committed more money to our military and that’s just a beginning of more positive things to come!

How Will 2016 Be Truly Remembered Across the Globe?
While some years can easily be forgotten, even with events happening across the globe, 2016 will not be a forgotten year. Too many influential events and developments happened that will shape the world for the next ten years or even longer. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable events happening in 2016.

2017 New Year’s Resolution That’s My Last. Really!

It’s 2017 New Year’s Eve and once again, time to ponder another year ending resolution. How can we forget, when you turn on the television, and you’re overwhelmed with all the diet and fitness commercials promising razor thin waistlines within 24 hours. Not to mention, all these instant miracle machines that will have you looking […]

Military Vets Will Receive Treatment from Nurse Practitioners Without Doctor Supervision
A lot has been said about Military Vets Will Receive Treatment from Nurse Practitioners Without Doctor Supervision. But perhaps its not all that bad. Beginning in January of 2017, the Veterans Affairs department will allow some nurse practitioners to begin treating veterans without the need of a supervising doctor. This will be the first time the agency has allowed treatment outside of a doctor’s supervision.

Are Military Recruiting Requirements Being Lowered?
Military recruiting requirements are being lowered due to growing disqualification issues with America’s youth largely centered on weight, drug use.

Applebee’s Offers FREE Meals to Military Veterans & Active Duty On Veterans Day
Confession time, rarely do we ever at plug an outside vendor. However, when such a vendor is offering free meals to all our military veterans and active military, then we need to step up and help get the message out!

“When There is Moral Rot Within a Nation, its Government Topples Easily.”
The one lie that almost every politician makes, “the American people are too smart and will …”. Sorry, this is not true. Politicians are trying to kiss up. The sad truth is that we Americans no longer hold our nation leader’s to high character standards. Living a life dictated by truth, high morals, a past life showing the ability to love all people without prejudice is no longer important to us.

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