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BIO – Larry Fowler is the publisher of Network one of America’s premier privately owned military websites. Larry also served in the United States Navy and was chosen by his peers as Honor Man in basic training and then was immediately transferred to Coronado CA where he graduated Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training (BUDS) Class 89 in 1976. Larry is happily married to Debbie and currently has four sons, two dogs and too many chipmunks in his back yard. Larry’s passion is his faith, wife and family and then serving his honored military clients. is not a government agency.

Articles By Larry Fowler
Frederica Wilson Politics New Low In Soldier’s Death
Congresswoman Wilson has a long past of Trump hating. Democrat politics as usual. So blinded by their selfish hate they cannot see truth if it splashed them in the face. If republicans don’t wake up and find boldness and courage, we’ll all lose. America begged for a ‘non political’ leader and finally we have one and the far left SCREAMS without pause. Come on people, take a STAND FOR AMERICA. Don’t take a knee when your country calls.

Need Help With Your VA Benefits
Need a helping hand to fill out that long VA benefits application? Need answers regarding your veteran benefits? Don’t worry, real people with caring voices are here to help. Learn more about the National Association of County Veterans Service Officers

Is Navy SEAL (BUD/S) Training Easier Today?
Is Navy Seal (BUD/S) easier today? As a graduate of BUD/S Class 89 and although the mud flats is no longer tolerated you may be surprised about BUDS today.

Unmasking America
One of America’s most respected columnist Charles Krauthammer told Fox News last night that American students are now being instructed about all of the pathologies of the United States and very little of the glories.

Corporations That Recognize May is National Military Appreciation Month
Military discounts go a long way for veterans. While the military gets an entire month, we really should appreciate their service all year long. However, during the month of May, many companies offer additional discounts for military members, their families and even veterans.

How Veterans Find Success After the Military
For veterans, finding success after the military is not always a simple task. Going from the military to a civilian career is a big transition. There are several things you should know when you come out of the military.

Getting Drafted Articles On Spikes Up To 7,954%
The past two days following President Trump’s tomahawk missile attacks on Syria, we naturally saw a tremendous spike in’s traffic.

President Trump Doesn’t Blink As He Boldly Launches Attack on Syria
President Trump launched a targeted military strike on the air field in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched, it is in this vital national security of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons

Today’s Top Army Careers For Women
There are several great careers for women entering into the U.S. Army. Whether you prefer to be in the thick of things or you want to sit behind a desk at headquarters, there’s an Army job for women like you.

Leading Navy Veterans Jobs in 2017
After retiring from the Navy, you may not know what you’re going to do with yourself. It’s time to find a new job and start a new path. There are some great jobs out there for Navy veterans and some are certainly better than others.