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Marine Force Careers

Opportunities & Information

Real Men Of The US Marines

Marine Corps careers are like no other. The US Marine Corps USMC — and Marine Reserve is historically renowned for its military might in engaging the opponents of the United States of America. Attached to the Navy, US Marines are trained as naval infantry and are skilled in amphibious operations, which deal with assaulting the enemy’s shores from the seas.

The US Marine Corps can swiftly respond to any threats worldwide, and cooperates with the other branches of the US Military. The US Marine Corps and Marine Reserve is the only military branch that incorporates land, air, and naval forces to achieve victory when and where they are needed. The USMC is the only force of the US military that has the authority to do whatever the president directs without going through congress, which makes US Marines capable of deploying anywhere in the world within 24 hours. This allows the Marines to take on the role of the United States’ rapid-response force. When a crisis heats up, the Marines are often the first units deployed to quell the disturbance.
Basic Training For The Brave and Strong


The training program that US Marine recruits are put through consists of 12 weeks of intensive work that is unique from all the other military branches. Marine training begins in one of two places: Parris Island, South Carolina, or San Diego, California. All recruits complete the first step of training as a rifleman, then move on to specialty training based on the specific occupation they will be fulfilling in the Corps. A US Marine must be or become physically and mentally tough during training.

US Marine Corps careers or joining the USMC also opens many opportunities for further education. Marines and Marine Reserve personnel can go through on-base programs or select one of the many colleges that Marines can attend while in the service to earn a college degree. Much or all of a Marine’s college expenses are paid for by the government.
Marine Honor and Courage Like No Other

Advancement through the US Marine Corps is open to all Marines, but opportunities for promotion must be earned through hard work and dedication. Every Marine and Marine Reserve must display the core values of the Marine Corps: honor, courage, and commitment. Marines must display leadership skills and discipline in order to achieve a higher rank. Extreme leadership qualities must be shown for a Marine to enter Officer Candidates Course (OCC).

The US Marine Corps was first established during the American Revolution on November 10, 1775, but was disbanded after the war’s end. The USMC was reactivated in 1798 and has since served in every major US military endeavor. The USMC spearheaded amphibious landings in the Pacific campaign during WWII and were among the first to land in Korea and Vietnam.

Over recent years, the worldwide role of the United States Marines has vastly expanded from conventional warfare. Marine Corps careers now include a variety of operations spanning from drug interdiction, US border exercises, and international disaster relief in places such as Guam and Indonesia. Marine Corps units guard US foreign embassies and nuclear weapon sites. Marines and Marine Reserve also cooperate with foreign forces for training exercises and other operations.

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