Military Jobs: How Can You Serve?

Military Jobs


Military jobs are abundant and provide multiple opportunities. Serving in the military takes a special kind of person, but most people are surprised when they learn about how many different types of careers that are available throughout each individual branch. Whether you’re searching for Army jobs, Navy jobs, Air Force jobs or Marine jobs, learn what types of jobs you can find in the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marines. Chances are good that if you have a special skill or talent, the military has a place for you.

How About the Traditional Military Jobs

Hooah! When most people think of traditional military jobs, they think of dangerous military careers like Special Forces operatives, Navy SEALs, Army Rangers and more. However, if you’re looking for a traditional job in the military, there are more than just Special Forces.

Traditional Army jobs include those in infantry, field combat and engineering. These soldiers do everything from serving on the front line of war, to performing search and rescue missions. However, if you’re looking for traditional Air Force jobs, you can’t get more traditional than a pilot or serving as a member of a flight crew. The Air Force has a number of different planes, from fighter jets, to cargo planes and each one requires a different type of pilot and crew to be successful. Traditional Navy jobs include keeping airplanes in operation from an aircraft carrier or serving under water on a submarine, while traditional Marine jobs can include infantry, engineers and field artillery.

Nearly all military branches also have law enforcement jobs, linguists, instructors and more. These military jobs can be done in all branches, but availability may depend on current force needs.

What If You Don’t Fit The Traditional Mold?

If you’re looking for something a little non-traditional, you’re still in luck. There are a number of military jobs in all branches that are ideal, even if you’re not looking to be a Navy SEAL or an Air Force pilot. Military bases or posts have fitness centers with certified personal trainers, dining halls that need chefs, hospitals that need doctors, nurses and support staff and even newspapers that need reporters and photographers.

Other careers include detectives and investigators, graphic designers, lawyers, administrative assistants, IT professionals, computer programmers, musicians and more. Remember Staff Sgt. Angie Johnson who was featured on season 2 of The Voice? She got her start performing with the Air Force band ‘Tops In Blue’ and achieved national fame when she performed with Air Force band ‘Sidewinder’ for troops in the Middle East. She’s just one example how military members can use their talents to serve!

Why There’s Something For Everyone

Military bases and posts are designed to be mini communities and these communities take all types of people in order to be successful. No matter where your talents lie, chances are good that there are military jobs that fit your interests and your forte. If you’re interested in learning more about Army jobs, Air Force jobs, Navy jobs or Marine jobs, consider talking to a recruiter who can help you determine if there are any openings within your chosen branch.