The Best 7 Jobs For Army Veterans?

Preparing for the future is best done while living in the present. Looking forward to civilian life post-service can determine what MOS will give you the best chance in civilian life once you’re separated from the military. There are 213 Military Occupational Specialties in the US Army, all of which translate well into civilian life.

Here are seven Veteran Jobs that are sure to provide highly remunerative, permanent employment, post-service.

Satellite Communications Systems Operator-Maintainer (MOS 25S)

Communications repair technician/installers are increasingly in demand in the civilian sector. MOS 25S are their military equivalents. These satellite communication systems operators are extremely hard to come by in the civilian sector, and employers rely on the military to provide them with qualified personnel. The median yearly income for Vets taking these positions currently runs to $55,600, and is expected to rise rapidly in the near future, as more of these systems come online.

Military Information Specialist (25B)

Information Technology (IT) Consultants earn a median salary in the civilian workplace of $74,000. Tasked with the design, deployment, and maintenance of computer information systems, the market for military IT Consultants is expected to grow 20% in the next five years. The experience Vets bring to the civilian workforce in this area far outweighs the academic training available to non-Vets.

Military Police (31B)

Paying a median salary of $77,600 yearly, the FBI gives preference to Veterans in hiring, and even during reductions in staff. Nearly every local law enforcement agency reports Vets making up between 19% and 30% of their forces, and 90% report having at least one Veteran in senior leadership positions. The need for Veterans in law enforcement, and specifically the FBI, is expected to rise 17% by the year 2018.

Financial Management Technician (MOS 36B)

Responsible for the disbursement, and receipt, of funds, a Financial Management Technician’s duties prepare him for employment post-service in the field of financial accounting. These highly paid positions offer a starting median salary between $50,000 and $100,000.8

Intelligence Analyst (35F)

Intelligence Analysts in the military are tasked with determining the importance of information gathered, and communicating that information to command. Besides analysis, they make recommendations concerning current operational activities, identify problem areas, and develop solutions. The median pay for their civilian counterparts is $68,900.

Aircraft Electrician (15F)

These specialists perform all functions required to install, and maintain, electrical wiring in aircraft. They are also trained to diagnose, and repair, all malfunctions to insure aircraft maintain safety standards on an ongoing basis. They are often responsible for the storage of hazardous, and flammable, materials. The median salary for civilian aircraft electricians is $57,230, but can range up to $68,000, depending on experience.

Civil Affairs Specialist (38B)

While in the military these specialists co-ordinate civilian population needs with those of army personnel, including all documents required by the Commanding Officer that relate to civilian affairs. The civilian equivalent job for this MOS is “Modeling System Specialist” which pays a median salary of $83,000 a year.

This tiny selection of Military Occupation Specialties, and their civilian equivalents, with their expected post-service pay is a very small indication of the usefulness, and value, of every MOS post-service. Each MOS has its civilian equivalent, and the demand for these specialties will only grow with time. Only you can be the final judge of which of the 213 specialties will provide you with what you consider the best job as a Vet. Every job in the Army translates to an occupation in demand in the civilian market. As you prepare yourself for your current duty, you’re preparing yourself for your future.

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